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OpenAI API Key Setup

Supreme AI Writer is powered by OpenAI, so you'll need to enter your OpenAI API Key to be able to use the AI Writer feature in Divi Builder.
Verify that the usage and expiration date on is not expired, and confirm that the billing has been configured accurately. This is because the error message from ChatGPT indicates that your quota has been exceeded, which may be due to expiration or token exhaustion
Is an OpenAI API Key Free?
You can create an OpenAI API key for free. New free trial users receive $5 (USD) worth of credit. However, this expires after three months. Once your credit has been used up or expires, you can enter billing information to continue using the API of your choice. Remember that if you don’t enter any billing information, you will still have login access but won’t be able to make further API requests.

1. Getting the API Key

To get your OpenAI API Key, go to Supreme AI Writer Setting and here click the link below the API Key field, which will take you to the Open AI Website.
If you don't have an OpenAI Account already, you can easily create one.
Now, on the next screen, you can click the "Create New Secret Key" button to create a new API Key.
You'll see a popup appear with the API Key, that you need to copy.
Simply copy it and go to Supreme AI Writer Settings and paste it here.
And that's It, now you can start using Supreme AI Writer Inside Divi. Happy Creating 😀