Using Supreme AI Writer

To Start Using Supreme AI Writer, first, make sure your API key is in place. Then you can Open up any Page and enable Divi Visual Builder on the page. Simply Open Up any Divi or Divi Supreme Module that has the Content Field, for example, Divi's Text Module.

Using in the Module Settings

Now In the Module settings, you'll see a new Option with a sweet Icon named "AI". Simply click on it and It will open up new settings for you.
When you'll click on it, It will open up the AI Writer Options where you can manage how you want AI to generate the content for you. You'll see many options including:
  • Tone - 20 Different Tones to go crazy.
  • Writing Style - 19 Different Writing Styles to choose from.
  • Maximum Words - You can choose the Max Word Output for the content.
  • Temperature - Control the Creativity of the Content AI will generate. The lower the temperature, the more it sticks to the given prompt.
  • Prompt - Here you can tell AI what to write for you. You can ask AI for much more complex and simple stuff too. For example, you can ask AI to write you about Divi Theme
Now, once you've setup everything, simply click the Generate Button. And AI will generate stunning content for you in Seconds.
As you can see, AI Wrote from a very small info that we provided. If you think what AI Wrote is not to your liking, simply click the "Regenerate" button, and AI will generate something new for you every time. There are no Limitations.
Once you're happy, simply click the "Use" button and the content will be added to the Module for you.
Here's a quick video to guide you through that process:

Improving Selected Text

There's another Hidden feature that Supreme AI Writer provides. Which is pretty cool. Let's say you've got some content and you don't want to improve it all but only a few lines of it. What you can do is select that much content and click the AI button.
Now in the AI settings, you'll see there's already a prompt "Improve [selection] which will improve only the selected content. Simply adjust the settings and hit the "Generate" button.
Here's a video on this feature as well:
And that's it, that's how easily you can now improve your content with AI right inside Divi. More features coming your way!